Everything you need to start an Ecom Brand

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How to build a Ecom brand 

To build a brand is to do more than just buy and sell products, it is to grow something that has an impact on the world, to build an audience of loyal champions who are as much as part of your business as the owners, to be instantly recognizable and deemed with great regard.

Having a strong brand, means your reputation enters the room before you do, that there is no question of the quality of your product, that you are reliable, honest and powerful.

It will help you make sales, grow as a business and build something special.

If you just want to make cheap sales at the cost of your customers then this guide is not for you.

But if you want to create something special, you need this bible

Included will be 

- A 100+ page e-book teaching you exactly how to develop the guidelines and strategy for your brand

- A Canva template for you to drop everything you have just learnt directly into

- A bonus optimisation guide for setting up your social platforms geared towards customer experience and conversion 

The e-Book will cover the below area's.

Defining your audience

- A fully developed system for creating your exact customer persona

- How to research what makes them tick

Mission Statement

Your ability to differentiate from your customer and why should people genuinely care will help you stand out from the crowd

How to create it, how to use it

Style Guidelines

The tools and templates to develop your own 

- Logo 

- Colour palette 

- Type Face

- Website Design

- Brand Voice (With voice matrix for a consistent approach to your social media and copy)


How to produce content that meets these crucial requirements; 

- Establish Personality

- Provide Value

- Build Trust

- Pain points


Search engine optimisation is no longer just about keyword matching, relentless blogging for you search terms or paying for back links, especially if you're in Ecom.

It is all about how google thinks people use your site. With top level advice and intricate actionables your website will start to see google ranking improvements quickly

Social Media

We all now how important social media is for marketing, but there is more to it to stay consistent across channels, to have personality, to offer support and to grow.

I'll explain how to optimise for business, how best to engage with your audience and how it will help build your brand


All content doesn't have to be yours, many brands have built their entire presence by being the best curators.

By just searching through the noise and making someones life easier you can gain trust and favour.


Want to go quick... go alone

Want to go far... go together

Let's look at how working with the right partner can help your brand grow and break new markets.

Customer Experience 

You have a lot on.

You know you need to improve your marketing, you've got issues with your supply chain, for every 20 products you sell you get 3 chargebacks.

From your social media to your customer service how to improve your customer experience to build a more thorough brand close more sales.


3 ratings
  • Want people to love your brand? The building blocks are here.

  • Want people to love your brand? The building blocks are here.


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Everything you need to start an Ecom Brand

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